The town situated on the foothill of Velika Kapela mountains, in Ogulins valley, 53 km southwest from Karlovac. The chief occupation is wood industry, paper mills.

The mountain Klek, botanic reserve, is the main dominant of the town and of the surrounding. Up the town is located medieval castle with two towers and with big walls (built in the end of the 15th century – Bernardin Frankopan) the locals call it Zulumgrad or Djulin grad. Zulumgrad is built above depth of river Dobra. Another interesting buildings is possible to see in the town (as a church of St. Cross and Cemetery chapel of St. Jakob)

Two near dam lakes at Dobra and Mreznica are popular recreations centers (fishing, bathing and yachting). The village Jasenak (15km) is the starting point for trips to Bjelolasica, important summer and winter mountain resort, or to rocks Bijele and Samarske stijene.